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T-Industry-Parts Ltd

Your satisfaction is our priority

Since 2019, our talented team has been working hard every day to provide the best services for our clients. We tailor our offers based on your specific needs, so contact us today for an introductory quote.

About us

Since our establishment, we have worked with clients from many areas. Great service starts and ends with experienced professionals, which is why we select only the best for our team. We complete projects efficiently and on schedule and go above and beyond to create lasting relationships with our clients.

Car-making factory


What we offer

plasma cutting sheet.jpg

CNC Plasma cutting of sheet metal

Always ready!

Technical Parameters:

Maximum sheet size 1500 x 3000 mm

The system is able to cut:

Steel 0 - 50 mm

Stainless steel 0 - 50 mm

Aluminum 0 - 50 mm

Attention: piercing up to 32 mm and cutting starting from the edge of 50 mm.

WELDING Industry 4.0

We care about the details

We weld aluminum, steel, cast iron and stainless steel structures. We offer precision welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including additional processing.

We emphasize compliance with the maximum welding accuracy required in the drawing documentation.

Industrie 4.jpg
steel drilling.jpg


Attention to Detail

Boring machine - Flott P 35

Boring/milling machine - NOLL BF-3GVS

MHG sandblaster

Maximum workspace size:

550/800 x 1100 x 660 mm



Our professional team performs assembly and disassembly of systems and structures at customers:

  • leveling of railway machines and systems using a rotary laser

  • preventive maintenance and servicing of machines

  • assembly, disassembly, repair and maintenance of conveyors and automated lines with robotic elements worldwide.

We use only the highest quality tools and we are able to deliver to the customer special tools for assembly such as - scaffolding, NOLL drilling and milling machine, work tables, rotary laser, welding machines, band saw, etc.

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